<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/10/40/87/22/171120035419.jpg?t=1516233404"><br>TWO parcels totalling 8.97 acres of raw land just north of Holly and Shasta. Price includes TWO parcels: 3129-201-07 with 4.27 acres, and 3129-201-08 with 4.7 acres. These lots are in the PROPOSED Phase 2 EXPANSION for MEDICAL CANNABIS CULTIVATION. Priced very competitively with existing Phase 1 properties. These lots are perfect for investors looking to grow their business. Located approximately One mile WEST of MEDICAL CANNABIS CULTIVATION ZONE that ends at Beaver. The City of Adelanto is rezoning these parcels to Manufacturing/Industrial (MI) AND will allow indoor grow AND PRODUCTION OF MEDICAL CANNABIS CULTIVATION. Final Approval expected by 9/10/17. Great for Future Development. In the path of future development.<br>